Monday, October 10, 2016

Ice cream sundae

IAt my last Reiki session, my friend and practitioner, Cindy, asked, "What was your dad's favorite dessert?" My answer, "An ice cream sundae." So she told me to have one and I did so yesterday. It may not have been the best one I ever had, but it was the most meaningful. I felt an instant connection to my dad and my great uncle (his favorite flavor was cookies n' cream), who both died around this time of year. Just from the sundae, I understood how both of these men, who were integral part of my life, would view my life now. I even felt like they gave me so advice too. Often, I wish they were still here to talk with and learn from, so thank you Cindy for pointing out a way to connect to them in spirit and continue to learn. I learned that my favorite dessert is a simple sundae—vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Unlike my dad, I don't like a cherry on top.

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