Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What we learn from others...

My mom had a childhood friend recently pass away. He was a radio sports jokey and I learned upon his death that he reported the news for several hours on 9/11. He didn't have to; he could have continued to report the sports. Instead he gave his listeners what they wanted and needed—the news of what was happening in the US. I learn from this that no matter who we are or what we do, sometimes we need to reach beyond this to give people what they need. Thank you, George, for teaching me this and being a true friend to my mom.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Family is what you make it....

After my daughter's 5th grade graduation, a set of her grandparents went out to lunch. They ran into the teachers and commented how nice graduations was. The teachers asked who they were their for and they told them. A teacher said that she the resemblance between Grandma and Sylvie. Only, they are not biologically related. These grandparents are very close friends that have been in Sylvie's life since she was in my tummy (in fact I meet Grandma when I was 13) and so they became grandparents. It is nice that I can teach my daughter that family is what you make it and not just biology. Sylvie is close to my mom and this grandma with no distinction between the two. This warms my heart.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What a mountain today.

Today I did battle with a mountain and the mountain won. I was supposed to trek into some ruins, but some riding lessons, backpacking in my youth and gym workouts weren't enough preparation. I should have thoroughly researched the trek. Over 20 years ago I did battle with another mountain and lost. Today I learned as I did then to stop while I was ahead and head back to a bed. Today, I also learned that mountains and I aren't friends and that is all right. In life, it is important to be thoroughly prepared and know your limits. My limit is riding a horse down a winding narrow path. Tonight I will sleep in a bed. My traveling companion, more prepared then I, is still on the trek and I wish him a journey of health and good weather.

Postcard of reality

My daughter and I were talking recently and I said that I would send her a postcard from my upcoming trip that read, "Wish you were here. Opps! You weren't invited." She didn't take kindly to this. However as a single mom, it is important for my daughter and I to have time apart. Time apart is good for any relationship. It allows two or more people to regroup, recreate appreciation for the other(s) and recommit to the relationship. I know that I will miss my daughter when I am away and she will miss me. Also, I know each of us will be glad to be apart from the other since of late we have been on each other's cases a lot. A little peach goes along way!

Friday, July 15, 2016

The importance of downtime....

Having downtime is important. Why? Because it recharges our brains, increases our productivity and boost our creativity according to science. Down time can be as complex as a two week vacation to some exotic destination or as simple as an afternoon at a museum. I try to make a point of seeing museums exhibitions that interest me or museums that are to my liking. Ancient gold, modern jewelry and even mid century furniture inspire me and recharge my brain. So what is your next downtime.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What Tinkerbell Taught me about authority...

I am not referring to the Tinkerbell of Disney or Peter Pan's fairy sidekick. I am referring to Tinkerbell, the Clydesdale at the stable where I take riding lessons. At my last lesson, she wanted to stop and occasionally stop and snack. To get her to move or keep moving, I had to use a stern voice and a swift hand on her side. Tinkerbell taught me that authority comes out of a stern voice and swift actions. As my daughter heads in to her teenage years and if she is like me, this lesson well be in use.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Doing the unthinkable

Last nifgt I took my daughter and her BFF to a concert. This isn't the unthinkable. The seats were high up and I am afraid of heights. Despite my fear, I sat in my seat (after I got acclimated) and enjoyed the concert. I did the unthinkable by pushing aside my fear. The best part is that I taught my daughter and her friend that fears don't have to control you. I didn't wake up this morning with my fear gone, but woke up knowing that I can be up high despite my fear. However, I don't plan on walking a high wire anytime soon.