Wednesday, April 13, 2016


When it was time to get ready for bed, myvdaughter started to organize her room. Cleaning isn't necessary, since she keeps her room neat. I asked her why she was organizing and she said she was doing it to relieve stress. My room growing up was messy and I am sure my parents would have liked me to have my daughter's quality. My way to reduce stress is to bake. My daughter's way is less fattening and better for the mind. Sometimes it pays to learn from our children.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Was it a fluke?

Two days after the scale dipped below 160, it was back up again showing an 8 lb. gain. Was this possible? Since I am resding The Oz Principke about being accountable, I looked at what I ate over the two days rather than blame the scale. While I have determined that I do better (less to no snacking) on a high protein diet, some proteins are healthier than others. So, I'll stick to almond butter and kefir and skip the peanut butter and cheese. This causes a dilemma since PB&J is my favorite sandwich and I regard cheese as a spice. Well, now I know what I need to work on in the coming weeks/months.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The scale tipped

Finally! December 2014, I embarked on a  30-day nutritional cleanse with Isagenix and the help of a friend and health coach, Marie. I lost 5 lbs and my clothes fit better. This lead me to believe that I lost inches too. For over a year, my clothes have remained fitting better. My weight stayed between 160 and 165. Well, today it was below the 160 mark. In the past year I have learned that I need a high protein diet to fight off sugar cravings and snacking. Finally, three high protein meals is paying off. I am not at my goal weight yet, but now I am more hopeful that I can reach it. Awesome!