Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ok, here goes...

I decided to throw myself back in the pond online and start dating. It has been 18 years and 1 marriage ending in divorce since I had a date. II took a workshop, crafted a profile, identified pictures to use and even signed on to an online dating service and yet I can't bring myself to really do it. I even came designed a tracking system in Excel (I am a productivity coach) to track matches that reach out to me and the ones I reach out to. Still no go. Is it the 18 year hiatus that scares me? Is it the between the sheets that scares me? Is it the Single Mom homeowner with a dog descriptor that scares me? Well, it is all of them. It is no longer about me meeting a mate. It is also my kid, my dog, my home and my business meeting a mate. That is a lot to swallow and easily stomach turning. And to boot I am not a water girl, but I guess I just need to dive in and get swimming. Thanks for reading (and listening to) my rant.

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