Thursday, March 24, 2016

That sinking feeling....,

I went to get a manicure today. I sat down in the adjustable chair to dry my nails in the dryer and it felt like the chair was getting lower to the ground. The chair wasn't moving, the sensation was coming from me. It was the first time all week I have really set down--I am getting on a plane tomorrow to visit my best friend, have a reception to attend tonight, a client yesterday and a Tuesday that was super busy. I can't even remember Monday any more. Throw in the kid, the dog and packing and a few hours relaxing on a plane will be bliss. I spent the time drying my nails thinking about what's left to do before my taxi arrives. I didn't freak out, I simply planned and even if I stay up late (for a early morning flight) I will go to bed with a sense of accomplishment from today and the week. The relaxation on the plane will be a just reward for my hard work this week.

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